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Egonet WebApps is a web application embedding R code suitable for analyzing a large number of ego-centered networks.

An example of the output is given HERE.


It works by uploading a .zip file containing adjacency matrices in .csv format (see zip example [separator char ";"]). Every adjacency matrix must be a square matrix with node’s names in the first row and column; the default column and row name of the subject in the center of the network is EGO (see csv example).

The application output is a file listing some indexes of Social Network Analysis (SNA) such as Burt’s measures of structural holes (effective size) and network closure (aggregate constraint) and also some indexes included in “sna” R-package such as outdegree, indegree, hierarchy, centralization and density for the whole network and computed without “ego”, the focal actor of the network. Moreover, the results page shows summary statistics of the ego-centered networks submitted and also a Principal Component Analysis with two plots: an eigenvalues explained variance histogram and a scatter plot of the first two components, showing all SNA indexes positions.

Eventually one can dowload egonet results and merge them with other data (i.e. other variables from a survey) for further analysis.


Ego-centered networks:
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Burt’s indexes
Burt, R.S. (1992). Structural Holes. The Social Structure of Competition. Cambridge (MA):
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Egonet R-package:
SNA R-package:

Contributors to this AssociazioneRospo project: Andrea Sciandra, Livio Finos, Enrico Pavanello